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Human Resource Management
Freetalker believes that all of our personnel are the most precious rich of the company. We absorb and recruit the most excellent talents at home. We select, exalt and reward the prominent personnel and do not influenced by the factors which have no relation with their works. And we believe, a successful company will benefit from the success of its employees. We pay great attention to the need of our personnel and help them timely in the aspects of lives and work.

Passionate Management
There are many young persons working as cadres and business chiefs in many departments of the company. We promote passionate management mode, inject passion into the knowledge workers during the management process, make the knowledge workers rich of creation and inspiration, and provide knowledge workers with sufficient capability and platform, so as to make the maximum of enterprise benefit; knowledge capital = capability×passion.

Wide Developing Space
The target of Freetalker is to become the strongest Security &communication manufacturer in China and rank among the TOP TEN application security enterprises in the world .

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